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L'Oustaou du Luberon
L'Oustaou du Luberon
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L'Oustaou du Luberon
L'Oustaou du Luberon

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A Family Day in Aix en Provence

We will this time stroll in Aix-en-Provence. Objective : cultural awakening for kids ! No shopping despite all the temptations offered by the windows of many shops in the city : we will come back with friends ! To start, the morning (as the kids are fresh and starters for all !), we will visit the Granet Museum. The Granet Museum is no longer a mystery to us as it is to be the third time we go visit it. So we know the permanent collection but had not had the opportunity to discover the Planque Collection, exhibited for 15 years in the chapel of the White Penitents. Here, more than 130 works from the collection of the Planque Foundation are exposed. Children have a play-book to follow their visit. We must admit that the game booklet is also very useful for parents ! 

After this highly cultural moment, we go to the conquest of the city. There are 60 religious statues. The majority represents the Madonna and Child but there are also many saints. Why are there so many statues in the city ? Aix-en-Provence was devastated by the plague, it is said that the statues would have protected the city from the plague and would have allowed its residents to be able to pray without the risk of catching the disease by going on a place of worship. Stomachs are hungry and we will lunch at The Provence shop. Everything is done for young children : games room, books, changing table, high chair ... Menu side, world cuisine that appeals to everyone, whatever our origins and generations.For kids? A menu with adapted nuggets and fries. The idea for Marianna, the "mother" of the concept is to make it as a meeting place for children of all nationalities. And it is true that we heard a lot of english kids and it reigns a cosmopolitan atmosphere as we like; After this well-deserved break, we continue to stroll and stop at the bookstore "Oh les papilles", a youth bookseller that offers manual activities with tales (by registration of course) on Wednesdays and Saturdays during the year, and every day during school holidays. Inside, children are spoiled for choice about the books offered

We continue our walk in Aix, raise your eyes, pushing the doors of particular hotels to admire the  courtyards, particularly in the Cathedral Quarter with the different present schools. Students are lucky to learn in such places ! And we ask the question: it is better to learn when classrooms are so beautiful ????

Passing in front of the Cathedral Saint Sauveur, we stop to admire but also to visit it! It is huge and the visit does not leave indifferent children, impressed by the statues but also by the size of the structure. The facade is absolutely beautiful ! We continue our stroll in the pedestrian streets of Aix. Short stop at "Your's self" : yogurt ice in free service ! It is great for kids ! But ... you have to control them ! The principle ? They use themselves so decorate their frozen yogurt with toppings of their choice: fruit, candy, liquid, ... You pay by weight: 2 euros per 100 gr. You understand why it is necessary to monitor them ?

So in order to remains this moment as a moment of pure pleasure for children and for you, take a medium pot and monitor their actions ! And it is truly a great moment of happiness for them so it's a shame to miss.
"Kid et Sens" : Before leaving, we would go for a ride at "Kid et sens", we heard a lot about it. Kid and Sens is a magical place for moms in Aix. Both an exchange forum for moms, and a place for meetings and activities for children. Many original workshops throughout the year and during school holidays. This concludes our family trip in Aix en Provence. We will return to stroll this time in the Mazarin quarter and discover other treasures of the city.

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