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L'Oustaou du Luberon
Coquelicot Oustaou du Luberon
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L'Oustaou du Luberon
L'Oustaou du Luberon
© L'Oustaou du Luberon
L'Oustaou du Luberon
L'Oustaou du Luberon

L'Oustaou du Luberon

© Cécile

Stay 100% Eco- Dog and doggybike

An ideal place in the middle of nature, a road book prepared by professionals from "Bicycle leisure Provence" the country of treble to Bike and a bike trailer perfect for your dog!

Cycle through the vineyards and medieval towns located between the Luberon Massif and Durance to discover all the heritage of South Luberon while walking your dog

package: €320 for 2 people 3 days/2 nights

Including lodging***

And activities mentioned in the program

Including cottage accommodation*** + Road book and Mountain Bike Loan and trailer for your dog

option for electric bikes at extra cost

The bike is the ideal partner of the travelling traveller, immersing you in a new setting with every pedal ride. Sometimes soft and relaxing, it leaves room for contemplation, like a film that the regular mill of the legs would make it parade.... It can also be playful and dynamic playing with curves, stirred up constantly by curiosity of the next turn.

so you're tempted? Discover the Vacation program in dogybike

Fill out the online form, a PDF will be sent to you in a personalized way (or by post at your convenience) , KDO voucher valid for 2 years - or contact us by email, for specific dates desired oustaouduluberon@gmail.com 

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L'Oustaou du Luberon
La Tuilière 84530 Villelaure
+33.(0) ❖ oustaouduluberon@gmail.comLegal notice
Immersion en Provence, Créateur de séjours

Cécile REYNIER & Michel VINCENS , N° siret 390 152 056 00037 - La Tuilière 84530 Villelaure
N° TVA FR 5439015205600037 - Organisateur de Séjours agrée Atout France N° IM08415001
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L'Oustaou du Luberon

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