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L'Oustaou du Luberon
L'Oustaou du Luberon
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L'Oustaou du Luberon
L'Oustaou du Luberon

L'Oustaou du Luberon

hiking holy victory © Oustaou du Luberon

Walking on the Sainte Victoire with your Family

Nothing better than to enjoy our beautiful days to go hiking with the kids ! In spring and automn, The light is beautiful, temperatures are mild and allow to walk without suffering from hot or cold. Furthermore, massives are accessible whatever the weatherthe destination is the Sainte-Victoire Mountain.

We have plenty of choice on our way to tackle it. For us, we need a fairly easy hikenot strenuouson principle, we prefer the loops rather than retrace our steps

Our choice is on the departmental domain of "Roques-Hautes" ;
The Roques-High Park is a departmental domain at the "foot" of the Sainte-Victoire near Saint -Antonin on Bayon. It is the favorite place of many families in Aix to picnic. Do not worry, it covers more than 800 hectares, so you won't walk on you ! Very soon after the Aurignon parking, several clearings allow you to picnick in an absolutely magical setting : the Sainte Victory mountain's view, and on the Mediterranean vegetation. Here you can take the bikes, balloons and stay a while.

Roques Hautes Hiking
We chose to walk so we do not stop for a picnic already ! Hiking in family requests strategy and the picnic is part of this strategy ! A short break is deserved after having already traveled some distance ! Several loops are available: 5, 7, 12 km ...
We, we start to play the loop of 7 km, which corresponds to the blue track ... marker bike ! Even if we are walking ... 7 km is delicious sometimes to travel in the middle of the forest, sometimes in the middle of the scrubland but always accompanied by a smell that only we find in our South: thyme, rosemary, pine ... No problem for children from 5 years old. The pace is quiet, the views are beautiful and practical, the marking is easily visible so it is a really good time with family. Much of the walk is accessible for strollers
Another day, we realized the hike between Bibemus quarries and the Bimont Dam.

The Bimont Dam
Again, we had a great time with the children. Magnificent points of view on the Sainte-Victoire Mountain or the lake with turquoise water. Very low gradient and picnic sites as you want ! This walk is prams, and everything is here for families.

Maison Sainte-Victoire
After this walk, we take the car to go visit the Sainte-Victoire houseThe house has a museum space and an exhibition hall with educational value. The children enjoyed the visit and especially the films presented. We learn many details on the massive of the Sainte-Victoire and the missions carried out there to preserve the environment. We also discover the many missions of the General Council on the environment about the areas it manages. All this is very educational for all ages.

Good to know ! The Sainte-Victory house organizes guided tours of the massive for FREE. Sometimes these visits are quite affordable with children and sometimes they are really for families !

Learn about the proposed dates, it's really worth for all the family!

This concludes our tour of the Sainte-VictoireThe smartphone application "My provence" lists no fewer than 80 circuits in the department : Whether you are in a car or motorcycle, walking, cycling, mountain biking, or even public transport, you always have a ready circuit where you stand. All are geo localized with dear different criterias of families: access conditions, duration, map, photos ... and do not worry, if you are afraid of not having network during your ride, you can download the track ! (Remember to do it before leaving). Beautiful city walks are also identified.

More information about Aix in Provence, Cezanne and the Sainte Victory Mountain


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