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L'Oustaou du Luberon
L'Oustaou du Luberon
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L'Oustaou du Luberon
L'Oustaou du Luberon

L'Oustaou du Luberon

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The Blue Coast by train

To enjoy those beautiful summer days, we decided to explore the wonderful landscapes on the Blue coast train. We chose to embark in Miramas, in order to begin from the landward side and arrive on the seaward side ! It was a beautiful discovery of our natural heritage ... and in the freshness ! This day adds a nice getaway with all those proposed by the Oustaou of Luberon !

Boarding at Miramas ! Already, a nice surprise because we easily find a parking near the railway station. Arrived in the train station, new surprise, we realise that many others families had the same idea ; Then we see many families with buckets, shovels, umbrellas, balloons ...Many young people are also there to make the same journey as us and customary obviously this trip. Once on the train, children are excited : a train is always magical ! We see with pleasure the little heads glued on the windows with a smile from ear to ear ! Istres, Port de Bouc, Martigues, Fos sur Mer, The Crown, Sausset les Pins, Carry the wheel, Ensues la Redonne, and Niolon, that we have chosen as the destination !

Gradually the landscape changes and we enjoy this show : first a herd (bulls are the delight of children), we go through different cities, chimneys near industrial areas and in the vicinity of refineries, hills, pines and finally : the sea ! In half an hour, we have an overview of the geography and geology of this area but also its economic life, it really is a different way to discover its department.

From The Crown, all beaches are accessibles on foot from the station. Besides most of our neighbors down here too. From our train; it is the rapture ! And yet, we are far from expecting the show we will see very soon ! And in a selfish way, but also very human, us, parents, comfortably installed in the train, we look at all the people who are looking to find a place to park their car, which are in the fully sun ... And the morning is nothing compared to what we saw in beach back ! Oh, we do not regret for coming by train !

We approach the Blue Coast with eyes wide open. Here we are in Sausset les Pins. Many restaurants for lunch, beaches for swimming and rocks to climb ! We leave. New stop : Carry le Rouet. Here too, many small beaches and creeks. Also a coastal footpath less steep than elsewhere in part to the family.

Ensues la Redonne : beautiful view from the train. Here, the creeks are linked: Figueres, and Mejean Ensues. We must admit that by car it is also quite exceptional too, because it is real roller coaster to go from one to the other. Absolutely picturesque but keep the car for the off-season, you will enjoy it much more : not only the access is limited now but in addition, you will only add one more car to the existing file ! If you are brave, you can go from one cove to another on foot but for this, take good shoes, a lot of water, hat and sunscreen. With children under 8 years old, we recommend you to avoid this hike because there are steep paths.

Now we are in Niolon. Last stop before Marseille and the Estaque. We go down and 10 minutes (absolute maximum) later, we are on the sea. We take the opportunity to visit this lovely little harbor and what surprises us is to see that we are just in front of Marseille and that we enjoy a spectacular view of the city. We are in a still preserved area and opposite there is the city !

For lunch, we decided to picnic and we buy enough to feed the family (in the grocery store at the entrance of Niolon). Here you will find everything from basic goods, grocery, deli, ice cream. The sandwiches are not made in advance: fresh bread and sausage which is cut in front of you. Guarantee of quality ! We are very welcomed and served : the sandwiches are great and reasonably priced (€3.90). We chose sandwiches with good charcuterie but it could have been more reasonable and choose salads ....
If we had booked, we could go to La Pergola, a restaurant on the harbor with an amazing view of the sea. A good place to remember for next time ... by booking of course!

In Niolon, there is a small beach near the port but despite the heat, we wanted to see a little further ... and a half hour from the station, there is a sweet little beach. To get there, you have to take a road course along the railway line, with a breathtaking view of the sea and Marseille. Be careful to havegood shoes for the last meters ... it is here that we have a picnic and enjoy the sea.

After eating, we will visit the village and come back to the station.
We're back on the train, happy to find ourselves in the freshness and let us carry up to Miramas. For information, all the trains do not have the same comfort, we were "lucky" to have modern trains but for lovers of old trains, know that they always run (Saturday, you almost have a fifty-fifty chance to being in an old train on Sunday, it's mostly new and weekdays, mostly old).
And last anecdote, at the Miramas Station, a TGV to Paris was docked: we went from a holiday mood, relaxation, sea to the urban world just in a dock jumping!

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