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L'Oustaou du Luberon
L'Oustaou du Luberon
© L'Oustaou du Luberon
L'Oustaou du Luberon
L'Oustaou du Luberon

L'Oustaou du Luberon

© Oustaou du Luberon

A family day in Marseille

We continue our adventures : This time, we go to Marseille to discover all the news around the Old Port. New whose the impetus was given by Marseille Provence 2013. We are very curious to discover all, especially since Marseille won in 2014 the Family Plus label, proof of the motivation of the city to host families.

The fish market : We start by making a walk by the "Quai de la raternité"in the fish market. This is not something new and it is the very center of the Old Port. Children are impressed by these stalls which present as well fishes as shellfish. For those who are in a stroller, it's perfect, they have everything at eye level ! Here we are in the heart of Marseille life ... after watching, heard, felt, let's have some fun moments in the shadehouse. And then unleash the imagination to make memory pictures in the reflect : we can do a round, or make facial expressions, in short, everyone has fun for laying

Now courage ! it will have to walk a bit because we will visit the MUCEM. For older children, we thought to take a scooter, they can have fun throughout the Old Port,

On the road, we stop at the Pavilion M

The pavilion M : Installed on the Esplanade Bargemon, the Pavilion M is the visitor center and information for everything related to MP2013. It is also an exhibition and we can say it : a playground for families ! We can spend easily 2 hours : every sense is awakened to discover and soak up the MP2013 territory (3D films, olfactory booths, exhibition, ...).For strollers, according to the number of people, you could  access anywhere via the elevator ... or you will be asked to leave them at the entrance.

Before leaving, we go to take a photo. The idea is that at the end of the year, a gigantic fresco is made with these profiles of people who visited the Pavilion M

It will soon be the time for lunch so we take the direction of MUCEM because we planned to do a picnic in "Fort Saint Jean".

THE MUCEM : I also want to do a little reminder : Mucem is constituate of the famous building : J4, and also of the "Fort Saint Jean". And there, super good news : access to these places is completely free for everyone !

The visits of the collections are paid of course but frankly we families, we do not have to complain about : children under 18 years do not pay. Parents pay € 8 (not forget the family pass which is valid until to 5 people for € 12). Beware the Mucem is closed on Tuesdays.

Le Café du Fort Saint Jean : We immediately collect a map to join us in this labyrinth .... We took the picnic option, economical but nothing prevents you to make even more economical in preparing sandwiches by yourself. The brewery seems to offer really good food, we decide that we will be a next time table !

Fort Saint Jean : Here we go to explore the Fort St. Jean : land of adventure for children. They can be pirates, knights, princess to deliver at the top of its tower... From the Fort St. Jean, magnificent views of the Old Port, Marseille, "Le Pharo". It is absolutely magical

As we have said, these parts are in free access. We took tickets to visit the exhibitions of the Fort, including an exhibition of puppets, and an exhibition about circus. The first presents puppets from all countries and all periods; the second presents beautiful models and exciting circus. Imagine the astonished eyes of children...

MUCEM : Motivated, we descend on foot to home, taking the ramps. Here, we see immediately that families are expected because the ground signage indicates the number of steps remaining for a child and an adult, to arrive at the reception !

The Odyssey of children : We would visit the permanent exhibition, Gallery of the Mediterranean. The children are excited because a game is scheduled for them. A space dedicated for them, the Odyssey of children. A mediating presents to them the mission they will have to carry out : to help Odysseus to find the magical formula. She gives them a touch pad.

They begin to recover clues in the Odyssey before leaving, carry their tablet to conquer the museum. At first it's a little running, every child wants to find the index first, but after few minutes, the pressure falls and they look up to also look at the works ... and then declare that "it is too too well this museum ! "

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